A Class on a Treadmill, at Mile High Run Club (plus a GIVEAWAY for 10 winners!)


Everyone that knows me, knows I don’t do classes, I hate treadmills (haven’t been on one in 4 years, when I flew off it), I hate working out, more so if it’s indoors. Not doing it. Remember when I tried spinning and hated it so much??? Ugh, I still shudder, ugh.

Enter the new thing in NYC, the “treadmill studios”. What? Yeah. There was an article in the NY  Times (so you know it’s serious) called Happily Going Nowhere fast. Interesting, I thought. As in: no way. Ms. Warner’s studio (the Mile High Run Club, there’s a few others) provides an indoor service for which busy New Yorkers seem to be desperate: a high-intensity interval workout in 45 minutes. The 4,000-square-foot space has ample room for 30 Woodway treadmills, which have a running surface like tank treads that is supposed to mimic the feel of trail running.


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